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Class Levels

    Level 1 - For Everyone

    Level 2 - For Beginning Students

    Level 3 - For Intermediate Students

    Level 4 - For Advanced Students

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Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi has been practiced in China for centuries for its health benefits and to harmonize the body and mind.  Rooted in martial arts, movements are slow and flowing. Tai Chi builds balance, flexibility and strength while reducing stress and circulating qi in the body.

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Class Descriptions

Beginning Sun Style, Tai Chi for Arthritis

Sun style tai chi has a higher stance with agile steps and powerful qigong breathing. Good for cultivating internal energy, this form helps build balance. This is a good for beginners, seniors or those with Arthritis. Level 1-2

Sun 73

A longer and more challenging Sun style form for those interested in exploring tai chi and its priciples in depth. Class will include qigong. Level 3-4

Beginning Yang

Learn the Yang 24 form, the most popular form of tai chi. Yang is rounded, fluid and graceful. Yang 24 is more challenging than Sun TCA. Level 1-3

Yang 40

A longer and more challenging Yang form for those interested in exploring tai chi and its principles in depth. Class will include qigong. Level 3-4

Tai Chi for Energy

A form developed by Dr. Paul Lam, combining Sun and Chen style tai chi to build qi or internal energy. Chen is physically challenging, with lower stances. Class will include silk reeling and qigong. Level 3

Chair Tai Chi

A seated tai chi class for those with limited mobilibty or chronic issues such as MS or Parkinson's.Tai Chi and Qigong exercises will focus on stretching, strength and relaxation. Level 1

This class is co - taught with Bruce Tyler, certified TCA instructor

Introduction to Tai Chi Fan

A short, fun Yang style fan form. This form is ideal for those wishing to study the Moving Stillness Fan form. Previous tai chi experience is needed. Level 3

Tai Chi Fan

The spiraling movements of the Moving Stillness Tai Chi Fan form are based in the Yang style. Explore the balance of Yin and Yang with this martial dance of energy. Experience with Yang tai chi required. Level 3-4

Radiant Lotus Qigong

Designed for women by Daisy Lee, this empowering qigong addresses health conditions unique to women such as menstrual and menopausal symptoms, breast issues and hormonal shifts. Incorporating these techniques into your daily life can help you blossom into your "second spring." Take control of your health and enhance your energy practice with this powerful form. All levels

Longevity Qigong

Class includes the study of Symbols of Longevity Qigong and the Crane Frolic to enhance health, fitness, energy and longevity. Class will also include discussion of traditional Chinese medicine and how it relates to the forms and practice of tai chi ruler.

All levels

Five Animal Frolics Qigong

Discover an ancient set of exercises based upon the movements of animals and  the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Crane enhances balance, Bear deveops strength, Deer promotes flexibility, Monkey increases agility and Tiger builds muscular strength. Alll levels

Shibashi Qigong

Shibashi is an easy to learn qigong set based on the movements of Yang style Tai Chi.  The gentle, flowing movements improve health and energy while reducing stress. Class will begin with 12 meridian meditation, followed by the practice of Shibashi and discussion of its benefits, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. All levels

Shiba Louhan Gong

Also called The 18 Immortals Qigong, this ancient set stretches and strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments. Level 3-4


NoteNot all classes are offered each session.

Teaching Assistants and Co- teachers:

Jeannine Robinett, a certified instructor, is the teaching assistant for several classes and the co-teacher for Saturday morning classes.

Bruce Tyler, a certified instructor, is the co-teacher for Chair tai chi.

Eric Otterson is the teaching assistant Tuesday nights at Normandale

Will Ebeling is a teaching assistant for Beginning Yang 24 forms, CE 196

​​​Class Schedule 


Beginning Yang (24 forms) - 6:30pm, Rosemount Middle School

Nov 2 - Dec 14; Jan 25 - March 19; 651-423-7920 or

Yang 40 forms - 7:30pm, Rosemount Middle School

Nov 2 - Dec 14; Jan 25 - March 19, 651-423-7920 or


Shibashi Qigong, 6:30- 7:30, Normandale Community College 

Nov 10  Dec 15, Begins with Meridian Meditation

Shiba Louhan Gong, 6:30 - 7:30, Normandale Community College *New Class offering

 Also called the 18 Immortals Qigong, this is a muscle and tendon changing Qigong. We will study the first 6 Louhans in this session. Feb 2 - April 27

Tai Chi Fan,7:30 - 8:30, Normandale community College

Sept 22 - Dec 15, ​Moving Stillness Yang Tai Chi Fan Form (Registration closed)


Chair Tai Chi, 11:00am, Burnsville Senior Center

​Nov 4 - Dec 16; Jan 6 -Feb 24; March 2 - April 20

952-707-4121 or

Seated Tai Chi class for those with limited mobility or chronic conditions, 

such as MS or Parkinson's. Co-taught with Bruce Tyler.

Tai Chi for Arthritis, 2:00, Apple Valley Senior Center

Sept 23 - Oct 28, Nov 5 - Dec 16

Apparent Plan, contact tracy@apparentplan

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong, 6:30 - 7:30, Normandale Community College

Feb 3 - March 9

Tai Chi for Energy, 7:30 - 8:30, Normandale Community College

This form combines Sun and Chen style tai chi. Feb 3 - April 27


Tai Chi (Sun 73) - 11:00am, Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

 Nov 5 - Dec 17, Jan 4 - Feb 15, Feb 22 - April 4

Apparent Plan, contact tracy@apparentplan


Sun Style Intermediate/Advanced (Sun 73) - 9:00am, Rosemount Middle School

​Nov 7 - Dec 12, Jan 25 - March 14; 651-423-7920 or

Teaching Assistant Jeannine Robinett

Beginning Sun Style, TCA- 10:00 am, Rosemount Middle School

Nov 7 - Dec 12, Jan 25 - March 14; 651-423-7920 or

Co-taught with Jeannine Robinett